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All coaching sessions and workshops are strengths and evidence based. Confidentiality is assured at all stages of my work with you, your staff and your service users/clients, unless there is risk to individuals or groups.

FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION: All services and packages include a FREE one hour consultation/meeting to discuss the needs and goals of your agency. Please contact me on 07523830377 (call, text or whatsapp) or email to arrange your free consultation.

Feedback received from the AD of Children’s Services for Warwickshire CC


I am experienced in delivering training, Coaching and Emotional Freedom Techniques workshops and sessions to individuals and to groups.I have particular experience in working with those in health or social care settings and roles such as nurses, social workers, adopters and foster carers. I offer 1-2-1 coaching/EFT sessions and/or group coaching/EFT sessions that have the aim of them achieving self-care and well-being; a healthy work-life balance; space and time to think; and opportunity to plan, realise goals and make changes.


Acorn Academy Coaching workshops for organisations, agencies and Local Authorities have the aim of helping participants to improve their general wellbeing, including mental, physical and emotional health, so that stress and anxiety levels can reduce. In turn, productivity can be improved and periods of sickness reduced. Workshops and sessions can be delivered face to face or via Video link such as MS Teams.

Feedback from participants of these employee workshops and sessions has been overwhelmingly positive. Sessions have been described as ‘enjoyable, motivational, empowering’ and that workshops and training is, ‘well planned, well delivered and makes a difference’. In one Local Authority that I have worked with during Covid-19, word of mouth has ensured workshops have been fully booked throughout 2020, and I have also personally received feedback from managers of participants saying they have observed changes in staff, as well as having heard very positive feedback from them about the workshops.

Participants have verbally reported ‘appreciating the time to concentrate on issues they need to address’. They have also reported ’feeling a sense of calm and wellbeing as a result of being able to use discussions, information and tools shared in the workshops and 1-2-1s to reduce stress and anxiety, and to make real and enduring changes in both our personal and professional lives’.  One participant described themselves as having ‘moved from absorbing negativity to absorbing positivity’ and said that ‘this has made an enormous difference in my life in general’. Another has reported more sleep, another less alcohol use, and others increased fitness and improved mental health. Many of the participants have also reported using the tools to great effect in their work in terms of time management and in direct work with clients. 


A popular package with employers and commissioners is cohort based: Delegates are offered a package that consists of 2 x 3 hour workshops that are 6 weeks apart. The workshops help participants understand, process and act on areas of their life that need addressing or enhancing through the introduction and use of various methods and tools. During the intervening 6 weeks between workshops, each delegate will have a half hour 1-2-1 coaching session with me. During our free initial consultation, this or a bespoke package of services can be put together to meet the requirements of your agency, staff and/or service users. This can include one or all of the services above. For fees, and further information, and to arrange your free consultation, please email me at or call me on 07523830377.


These workshops are one or half day seminars or ongoing modules delivered in a group setting for service users. Sessions will help them understand how their lives have arrived at the point they have, what dis-enables them from making changes, why changes may be needed/wanted and what they can do to make those changes. I will work with group members to understand the psychology, processes, obstacles and enablers of change, generally and in their lives specifically, and start them on the path of understanding their needs, desires and the way forward for their lives.

I have experience in supporting, coaching and training people in respect of poor mental health, bereavement and loss, domestic abuse, difficult or challenging childhoods, drug and alcohol issues, housing, employment and financial issues, childcare and parenting difficulties, as well as with Birth Parents whose children have been adopted, adopters, whole families, looked after and non-looked after children and young people, and professionals from health, social care and education.


As well as the bespoke packages above, I also speak at conferences, workshops, seminars and other events hosted by organisations, agencies, networks and groups. Please contact me for further information and/or to book me to speak at your event. If you work for an agency and would like me to provide staff workshops, away days or speak at an event, please click here.

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