What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as EFT or Tapping, is a complementary therapy that utilises and energises the body’s Primo Vascular System (PVS) to lower and often eradicate a whole host of physical and emotional issues. The PVS is a biomedical system in our bodies that integrates the cardiovascular, nervous, immune and hormonal systems. In EFT, you use your own fingertips to tap on PVS hotspots to release and unblock physical and emotional ‘dams’, releasing your body and mind from pain, stress and anxiety (eg)

‘As someone who has benefitted hugely from being taught this technique by you Rachel, I can highly recommend it – it has made a significant impact on my health and well-being’. – Feedback received from Julie, July 2020 after a package of Emotional Freedom Technique sessions via Zoom

In EFT sessions you will learn to tap on 8 areas of your body whilst connecting with and then releasing the emotions that are causing blockages. You tap on your own body using your finger tips. We will work to reframe, unpick and unblock your Primo Vascular System from ‘the logs in the dam’, thus freeing you up to experience life in a more calm, motivated, positive and energetic way, bringing you more clarity and freeing space in your mind for problem solving and growth.

By empowering you, addressing negative emotions and thoughts, and building your confidence, during our EFT/Tapping sessions, I can help you and/or your family manage and often quickly resolve difficult feelings, such as stress, anxiety, fear and anger, as well as phobias, bereavement, weight management, menopause symptoms, sleep difficulties, smoking cessation and much more. Tapping can be highly effective in helping to reduce physical and emotional pain, as well as increasing energy and restoring balance in body and mind.

I offer hour and half hour online EFT sessions for individuals and for families via Zoom or MS Teams. If after reading this page, Emotional Freedom Technique sounds like something you’d like to explore further, or you’d like more information, call 07523830377 for your free initial chat, or email acornacademy@btinternet.com

‘Hi Rachel. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve used the tapping twice this weekend since you showed it to me last week. It’s made a huge difference to my sleep and last night I slept like a baby for the first time in ages. Thank you so much. I can’t believe how good it feels to finally get a grip on things. Looking forward to our next session’ – Feedback received from Liz, August 2020 after Emotional Freedom Technique as part of a coaching session via Zoom

More information about my packages and fees can be found here. Individual sessions are offered for those aged 18+ years and family sessions are offered for 1-3 children age 5+ years with at least one parent or carer present. I am a qualified EFT practitioner, Life Coach and childcare practitioner with 18 years experience of working with children, young people and their families. I also hold an enhanced DBS.

‘I booked a Family EFT session with Rachel to help my daughter with her anxiety. We were both looking forward to it and weren’t disappointed. Rachel instantly put us at ease and was encouraging and supportive as she talked us through what the session would entail. We both came away feeling very positive and that we had a new tool at our disposal. We have practised the EFT a number of times since, and it really seems to help my daughter feel more in control of her emotions when she starts feeling anxious.’ – Feedback received from Rebecca, February 2021 after an Emotional Freedom Technique session via Zoom with her daughter

Emotional Freedom Technique sessions inevitably involve some element of life coaching. EFT and coaching are both forward focused processes. They are not substitutes for counselling, directive advice or therapy. They are about getting the very best out of you and empowering you to make decisions to improve your life. I am not a counsellor or therapist, and I will therefore not be providing you with counselling/therapy.

EFT is an alternative therapy and is not intended to replace traditional treatment or medical interventions. In the event you have or suspect you may have a medical condition, you will consult your GP for diagnosis, treatment and advice before undertaking or continuing EFT.

‘So easy to book and the session it’s self was so good. Rachel talked to the children, they engaged with her, she was very clear and made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed…..Since we have been using tapping, my youngest son and I are doing it to try and start the day in a good place… for example today he was a big stress ball about going back to home school, didn’t want to do it, was being awful and making me then feel stressed too, so we tapped, then rather than him starting the session full of stress and negativity we let it go… he definitely finished it smiling again…..It’s definitely helped me as a parent too,  I can use it as a tool to change a situation or can walk away and use it myself! We found Rachel easy to talk to and we have remembered what she told/taught us so she is a very good teacher! After the session Rachel followed up with a message reminding us of the tapping body parts and the words which has been helpful.We would definitely recommend this session, it’s early days for us, but is definitely helping bring a different mind set to situations and making us stop and reset through tapping if needed’ – Feedback received from Clare, February 2021 after a Family EFT session via Zoom with her two children

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